Frequently Asked Questions

When will the goods reach the recipient?

You can follow your order in the customer service section of our website. Just enter your order number and the status of your order will be displayed on the website. If the order is placed before 10: 00 UAE time, the order will be delivered on the same day. Otherwise, you can set a delivery date for tomorrow. For orders placed after 10:00 on Thursday, the earliest delivery date is Saturday. On holidays and in exceptional cases, delivery takes at least two days. Please note that we do not deliver on public holidays. Delivery on Fridays is not possible, as our offices are closed on Fridays. If you have any specific questions about your order, please contact us.

What procedures should I follow to get my order in a suitable condition?

All products with a purple flavor.ae you will be delivered by company trucks or FEDEX mail. We have taken all necessary measures to ensure that the goods are delivered safely to the recipient. If the item is damaged during delivery, please contact our support representative immediately for help.

Can my order be delivered today?

If the order is placed before 10: 00 UAE time, the order will be delivered on the same day.

Is it safe to use a credit card number online?

All credit card data is securely processed using the Geotrust SSL certificate, which complies with international standards for online credit card protection. And since credit card data is collected and processed by a secure server of a large national bank, customers can be sure that no one will touch the credit card information.

Will my contact information remain confidential?

Keep magenta аромат.ае all customer information is strictly confidential. Our company does not transfer customers’ personal information to third parties and does not sell it to advertising agencies. In case of any legal requirements, forgery of documents or a request from law enforcement agencies, your personal information may be transferred to the appropriate authorities. To read the privacy policy, please read the terms of use in the “Support Service” section.

Why did you decide to use Purpleperfume.ae on the internet?

We have put quality and convenience at the top of our priorities. We felt that online shopping is the fastest way for customers to get acquainted with the goods and the most convenient way to buy them. When our customers like to place orders from the comfort of their homes, they do not need to stand in line, carry groceries with them or feel disappointed when the goods end up on the market. When one of our customers orders an item, you immediately receive a confirmation of the purchase order. Online shopping in the UAE gives pleasure to our customers, and the convenience of the goods for the buyer makes this business even more enjoyable.

Is the fragrance 100% original, why are the prices so low?

All spirits in Purpleperfume.ae 100% original. This is our guarantee. Perfumes found in Purpleperfume. it is cheaper than retail stores in malls because perfumes that are stored in malls are added as a percentage of the high rent. Therefore, PurplePerfume.ae gives more advantages when buying the same original product minus the percentage of rent in shopping malls.